Smart Oral Motor: Animated App by Smarty Ears is now available

Smart Oral Motor is a cute application designed to help children practice their oral motor skills which are impaired in many children with communication disorders such as Down Syndrome or Apraxia of Speech.

We already have plenty of apps with static images, right? It was time for something cute and entertaining for practicing oral motor skills.

The app has 15 different animations, and allows you to select the number of repetitions per exercise. Let’s say that you want your child to practice each exercise 5 times. Then you can just go to the ” setting” function and set the number of repetitions.

This can be a good tool also for in-home practice. We know how important daily practice can be, and since millions of people have the iPhone now you can possibliy recommend  it to your parents.

TIP: If you think your parents cannot afford the app ($9.99) or if they do not own the iPad or iPhone, you can use your camera to record the exercises with the number of repetitions you want them to perform at home and just send the video to the parents. This is a way to share your resources for FREE and it is much better than making black and white copies from your school’s printer ( old fashion ;-).

I look forward to seeing more and more animated apps within our field.

Here is a video of the app:


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