CASLPA Spring Communique is now available!(Focus on Technology)

The Canadian Speech and Hearing Association once again impresses me with their responsiveness to trends by proving well informed content to their members and non-members( which is my case). Their Spring newsletter has now been made available! What is so special about this newsletter? Well several things…

1st. There is a focus on Technology . On this edition you will find articles on Twitter, Apps, softwares and more!

2nd. This is an beautifully designed ELECTRONIC newsletter. I have always been a fan of electronic newsletters; not only because we save paper and preserve our planet but especially when it is designed like this one: Built-in videos, great graphics and images! wow!

3rd. There is one article by me on this newsletter: New era of articulation therapy: Using technology for learning & Engagement.


You can access the CASLPA newsletter by clicking on the image on this post. This edition of the CASLPA newsletters contains great articles by Sonia Routhier on SmartPhones and dementia; by Janelle Albrecht on the SLP Goal Bank and the resource share; by Tanya Cole on Twitter for SLPs,and  by “Skye Blue Angus” on Blogs!

You should definitely check out this newsletter!


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