Speech Trainer 3D Now available at 80% Off

Smarty Ears has been working on a secret  and mysterious app for a long time. Speech Trainer 3D is now available for you to purchase  at the app store at a super promotional price of $4.99 which is nearly 80% off the full price of the app. Smarty Ears has announced that the price for this app will have an incremental increase until it reaches its full price.

Speech Trainer is a fully animated 3D application that allows parents and speech pathologists to provide a better visual demonstration for the production of vowels and consonants of English. This app can also be a great asset for individuals working to improve their English accent.


Speech Trainer 3D has an intro video in which “Valerie” welcomes everyone to practice the sounds of the English language. The app then provides two options:

1. Vowel

2. Consonants

Speech Coach includes ALL sounds in English and 7 of the most prominent vowels. Once you choose between vowels and consonants you have two additional options:

1. Play animation of each sound

2. Play step by step video + Audio information on each sound.

The best thing about the app is that it shows all the features important for producing a sound:

a. Lip movement

b. tongue placement;

c. velar movement

d. Vocal cords vibration ( when appropriate).

This way children and adults will have a very concrete visual image on the production of the phonemes. See screenshots of app from iTunes bellow:



Another very impressive feature on Speech Trainer-3D is the presence of a real 3D model of a 14 year old boy on every sound. This feature allows children to visualize the movements of the lips, as they would see on the mirror when practicing their sounds.


If you enjoy Smarty Ears apps for SLPs this is your chance to get this app and save a lot of money. Click here to download  Speech Trainer-3D.






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