Custom Boards: Print and share communication boards, schedules & activities.

 Hello world! Today I bring good news… my new app, Custom Boards is now available on the app store.

Over the last 8 months, my team and I have been working on a dear project of mine called “Smarty Symbols“. Smarty Symbols is a contemporary symbol library with 12 thousand symbols. Now, we have been able to make Smarty Symbols available to speech therapists, teachers and parents through an iPad app that allows users to create communication boards, schedules and activities.

Custom Boards is an app that makes me go back in time about 7 years, when I  was one of the participants of the program jointly administered by the U.S. Department of Education and the Brazilian Ministry of Education, called “Promoting the Inclusion of Persons with Dis- abilities in Society Through Assistive Technology: Culturally Appropriate Solutions.”

Creating the Smarty Symbols library and releasing Custom Boards to the app store make me feel I am “paying it forward” for the opportunity I had 7 years ago.

Well, but I am here to talk about Custom Boards, not about me today.

 Custom Board is ideal for SLPs, teachers and parents who need to create and print activities using a visual support system. It comes with 13 built in templates, and 11 thousand smarty symbols.

This app is an excellent resource, and I think you will find it extremely useful to be able to print communication boards directly from you iPad.

You can print this board directly from your iPad using Airprinting.


You MUST own an AirPrintingready printer to be able to print from your iPad.


If you do not own an Airprintingready printer, you can e-mail the board to yourself. The e-mail will contain a .pdf attachment that you can open on your computer, share with others or print from any printer.

The best way to learn more about custom boards is by watching its video demo. So, here is the video demo:

I hope you enjoy using Custom Boards as much as I enjoyed developing it!


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