GeekSLP TV #25: Etch A Sketch, fixing my mistakes and One Voice AAC App demo.

On the episode 25 lots of things to talk! First I want to say how excited I am about my new “studio”; I got a green screen and I am very happy with the final result of this episode.
Now, on GeekSLP episode 22 I made a mistake when I said we should close the apps to improve performance, I recently learned from a rather angry reader that we “don’t have to”, after I did my research I realized that a lot of people are confused about this function. So, after a LOT of research I now know we “don’t have to” close our apps unless we need it.
On this episode I also show a case for iPad called “Etch A Sketch” & do a video demo of one more AAC app called “One Voice”. ( I just wish they implemented SMarty Symbols on this app

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