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Beyond Adaptive is a family owned business that has manufactured a revolutionary and reliable stand/arm for the iPad. Thank you so much to Cedar Vandergon, for sending me this amazing product so I can share with all of you. Beyond Adaptive sent me the BASIC IPAD VARIABLE FRICTION ARM KIT – The Basic Kit combines the Standard Base Clamp, Variable Friction Arm and iPad Cradle ($319) . At first I was wondering how to test the product since it seems it was designed to be mounted on a wheelchair, however I first gave it a try on my office desk. See images below:

It was very easy to use and set up, even though it did not come with a manual (I really did not need one); however, you can download a manual directly from their website. First, I attached the clamp to my table, tightened it, and figured out how to adjust the iPad the way I wanted to use it on my desk. The material seems resistant and the iPad was very secure on my table. It is really heavy-duty, which is exactly what a therapist needs when using their iPad in therapy and also users who will likely be placing this kit on their wheelchair. After taking the photo and reading through the Beyond Adaptive website, I see that I can place a wedge ( it came included) if using it on surfaces like my table so it is even more stable.

I was able to maneuver the iPad  pretty much any way I wanted by using the knob on the arm of the kit.

Compatible with iPad 1 and 2. 

At first I was not sure which one of my iPads to test the kit on, so I started with my first iPad ( shown on image above). I am not sure how they did it, since most cases I have tried out, and stands end up with a very big gap between the iPad one and iPad two mounts which makes them almost incompatible. The only issue I had was when trying to remove my iPad one from the stand, it got caught a little on the top. When I tried out with my iPad two, it was slightly loose, but not enough for it to be unstable or fall from stand. I have to confess, they have impressed me.

Beyond Adaptive truly adaptive

I decided to take a tour around my house and test out the Kit on other surfaces. I am a drummer and my first idea was… I wonder if I can use this as a music stand as I play my drums. The answer was : Yes!


Generally speaking I have never put my seal of approval on any product besides apps. This time, I feel it is a must! This model of Beyond Adaptive mount deserves my seal of approval for quality and usability. I highly recommend this product and I look forward to trying more of their models and upcoming models. I will for sure be demonstrating this device at all of my presentations and conferences I attend at the Smarty Ears booth & on GeekSLP Presentations across the country. Good products are to be shared with all. Best of luck to Beyond Adaptive!

You can visit beyond adaptive at 

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