GeekSLP TV #28: iPad Carrying Bag, impressions on the new iPad and Speak for Yourself app demo

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Published on April 06, 2012 with 3 Comments

I was just happy to be able to record one more episode, especially after a nice day at the lake with my family. There are so many thing I want to talk about when I record a video podcast and I always have to make up my mind on what I will talk on each episode. I can confess that I don’t plan much when I turn on my iPad to start recording, I didn’t even know which app I was going to demo until I said it!

On this episode I talk about three main things:

1. My new iPad carrying bag/purse.

2. My impressions on the new iPad ( which I insist in calling the iPad 3).

3. A demo of the app Speak for Yourself, which I am happy to award the “GeekSLP Seal of Approval”. Speak for yourself is a well designed app, that brings the power of communication on the iPad.

For more information about Speak for Yourself you can visit their website at :

you can also download Speak for Yourself on this link:

I will see some of you guys next week at the MSHA convention for our 6 hours long presentation! ;-)




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  1. Barbara, I thought the video quality was pretty good! I agree with you on the (-)s with the 3rd iPad..but I am still happy with it. Great podcast :)

  2. The video quality looks good! Thanks for introducing the Speak For Yourself app. I’ll check out their website.

    • Thanks for the feedback Jeanette!

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