GeekSLP Tv #29: iPad for basic communication skills & Language Adventures Demo

I am back in Texas from my presentation at the MSHA convention ( Thanks MSHA for the invitation). I had such as great time attending the MSHA convention.  This was a different convention experience, especially from the TSHA convention that I am so used to attending. MSHA organized   several activities that I wish other state conventions would adopt:

1. MSHA set up chairs for “Round Robin” session in front of each exhibitor’s booth. The set up allows the exhibitors to provide information to participants such as products, services, technology, industry trends at specific assigned times.

2.  A cyber cafe!

3. A tailgate party

4. A continental breakfast for attendees.

5. The location!!! The MSHA convention was set up in a resort which makes it for a very nice and relaxing experience ( which is what I needed).

I presented two tree hours long sessions, both on the iPad and apps for speech therapy ( in case you were wondering ;-). I was happy to see that most of the people who attended the 1st session, came back for the second one. I also had a lot of fun attending two other iPad sessions at MSHA, I really enjoyed listening to what presenters and attendees had to say about the apps I created.

After my 8 hours drive back home, and a good night of sleep I recorded the episode #29 of GeekSLP TV. On this episode I talk about Smarty Ears’ latest app: Language Adventures. Enjoy!




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  • August 21, 2012 at 5:22 pm

    What a long way technology and apps have brought us in the treatment of speech and other issues

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