GeekSLP TV #33: How to use and set up guided access on iOS 6.0

Apple never stops impressing me with their always evolving nature. This time, one of the most anticipated features for the special education community is a well designed accessibility feature called ” Guided Access”.

During my many presentations, I have seen therapists come up with creative ideas to get students to stop exiting a specific application by pressing the home button on their iPads. I have seen therapists use bub caps which reduce the sensitivity on the home button and even tongue depressors to make the child stay focused on one application. Those days are OVER! Apple has given us the guided access that allows adults to set up a password so that the iPad can stay on the same application and disable the home button from exiting the application without that password.  Do you want to know how to set up guided access? On today’s episode, GeekSLP TV #33, I demonstrate how to access, set up and use one feature that will help children learn and become more efficient in using their iPad for communication. Here is the episode for you:

Guided access is demonstrated below on Expressive for iPad.

Thank you so much for watching.


AKA Barbara Fernandes, M.S.;CCC-SLP


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