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Edu Blog Award Nominations 2012


While I find it very hard to select a handful of resources to nominate for this competition, I decided to join a group of other SLPs bloggers by giving my nominations. If you are not familiar with the Edu Blog award, like I wasn’t a couple years ago here is where you can learn more .

Overall, I have used and enjoyed reading several blogs this year, which provided me with a different view on the use of technology for speech therapy. I have to confess that some categories were nearly impossible to pick from! Here are my nominations:

 Best Individual Blog: My nomination for best individual blog goes to Speech News Room. Jenna Rayburn provides comprehensive reviews of apps. This blog has become my number one source  of information before deciding to purchase any app. Jenna also creates some of the most creative worksheets and makes them available on her blog.

Best group blog: AshaSphere, the blog from the American Speech and Hearing association and well managed by Maggie McGary, ASHA’s social media director. As, as SLP I am so happy to see my professional association starting to be involved with members online.

Best individual tweeter: Mary Huston, also known as @mtmarySLP has been one of the most knowledgeable resources for me and other SLPs on twitter. This one of the easiest categories for me to pick!

Best mobile app: My nomination for best mobile app goes to Dropbox, which is an app I have used to facilitate collaboration with other professionals.

Twitter Hashtag: #SLPeeps – If you are not yet a part of this group of phenomenal tech savvy SLPs, make sure to check us out and learn how easy it is to share, learn and grown as a profession via the web with very talented speech-pathologists you may never have met in person.

Best student blog: Hanna B. Graduate provides me with a great read on her blog. You can almost hear her voice as your read through the posts. I have no idea where she finds time to write, while in graduate school, which makes this nomination even more important – I know exactly what graduate school days feel like. Kudos to Hanna for her great posts with amazing content and thought she puts into all of them.

Best of a luck to all nominees! 




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Wow! I’m SO honored! You are certainly the queen of SLP apps and you have no idea what your respect and nomination mean! Thanks for the support!

Thank you so much for nominating ASHAsphere and for the personal shout-out!

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