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GeekSLP TV #30: WWDC, iOS 6, Guided Access, Speech Adventures Blog, Asha Convention 2012

GeekSLP Tv 30 Watch

Last night as I prepared the topics of this episode I had lots of things I wanted to announce but had to save some of it for the next episode, as it was getting too long.
On this episode I talk about the WWDC news and the release of iOS 6 in the fall and the needed feature Guided Access. The guided access is a feature that allows us to retract the use of the iPad to one specific app ( AAC/communication app) even when the child touches the home button.
I also wanted to share about Mary’s new blog and about my presentation during the Asha convention 2012.
Hope to see some of you there again!


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Hello, I am intending to buy an IPad 2 for my wife, who is a SLP. Her population is mostly pre-school age. I have 2 questions – 1. How important is cellular connectivity to most useful SLP apps. It is very likely that she will see clients in settings that do not have wi-fi so if the app NEEDS connectivity to run then I would need to buy the cellular connectivity. And, 2 looking at capacity with regard to SLP apps, would you recommend 16, 32 or 64G? Thank you very much for any assistance in these area.

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