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New Symbol set available for developers: Smarty Symbols

geekslp_smarty symbols

For the last few months I have been working on a new symbol set that would bring a set of high quality, comprehensive, beautiful and appropriate symbols to the market. With a team of 11 artists, we are now please to announce Smarty Symbols. The Smarty Symbols set contains over 11,000 symbols organized into categories such as animals, verbs, descriptive, fruits, drinks, insects, etc.

The symbol set is now available to be licensed to app developers around the world. We hope that Smarty Symbols will very soon be present in several apps on the app store, bringing a modern, universal and diverse symbol set for all. Our team will continue to update our library, which will grow daily and soon it will become the most comprehensive symbol set available.

Smarty Symbols display characters from diverse backgrounds all throughout. We wanted to make sure our symbols are as universal as possible as well. We hired artists from 4 different continents as an attempt to make our images as universal as possible.

Being from Brazil, I wanted to make sure we had vocabulary from several different countries. We have consulted with individuals from several countries and gathered lots of country specific vocabulary as well. I made sure I had as much brazilian food as I could remember in there ;-).

The process was at the same time fun and challenging but we are all very proud of the results.

Smarty Symbols is already present on some apps on iTunes and we have already licensed our symbols to several developers and you will soon start seeing our symbol set on iTunes very often.

Here are the apps currently utilizing Smarty Symbols:


That’s how I feel:

iTake Turns:

We will soon make a document with our vocabulary list and we will welcome suggestions for vocabulary from all of you, parents, slps, teachers, and symbol set users.

I have to confess that I had a lot of fun coming up with the “social media folder” for Smarty Symbols. It contains vocabulary words such as ” Tweet that”, “Like that page”, ” Join Facebook”. If social media is becoming part of our daily routine, we want to make it accessible for all!

For more informations on Smarty Symbols you can visit the website at


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