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TO MY IPAD (Which stands for “I Play All Day”)

to my iPad

To my iPad ( which stands for ” I Play All Day)


                                      by Rosie Sims. M.S; CCC-SLP 


I never needed anyone, on that I would have bet you.
Had my own way of doing things, that is……until I met you.
Used cards and games and gadgets, as if made by little elves.
Pulled blocks and toys and children’s books routinely off my shelves.
Computer games I wanted, stayed up all night writing grants.
Now keyboards, mouse and tangled wires, just elicit rants.
Laureate and Locotour, I thought they sure were sweet,
But nowadays, (no thanks to you), they all feel obsolete.
From those multitude of things, I’m coming out from under.
Ipad there’s no substitute, you are a one stop wonder.
No more booting up and waiting, hardware’s really slow.
Open up. Tap once or twice…and Ipad off you go.
The media and whoopla, I can vouch it is no hype.
Love instant gratifying, playing Scrabble, Facebook, Skype.
If they would make a velcro bond, and probably they tried.
There you’d be all day and night attached close to my side.
You give me so much pleasure, to which there appears no end.
IPAD, I heart you….BFF…you’re  my new best friend.


I would like to thank Rosie Simms to allow me to post this on this blog.

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