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A closer quick look at six articulation & phonology apps

A closer look at six

I have been involved in developing speech therapy and educational apps for nearly 4 years now. I have been able to see the wave of apps for speech therapy come to the app store from the start. Today, searching the app store for apps for speech therapy can be very frustrating. There are so many apps out there! Everyone, including non-SLPs, want to be a part of the iDevice revolution and create apps for us. Sorting through them and trying to find quality apps can be nearly impossible. I have just returned from the Texas Speech & Hearing Convention and after talking to a few colleagues who seemed very disappointed with apps and the iPad all together, I understand how if a person buys apps that they are not happy with, and those apps are not useful that they may stop using the iPad for therapy.

It is hard to believe that anyone would be unhappy about the fact that they were given iPads, right? Generally, the people disappointed with the iPad were being limited to free or low cost apps by their employers, or they had someone who does not know much about the SLP app world buy the “not so good” apps and install it on all the devices. This situation just ruined the amazing experience they could be having in their classroom.

 I am a very visual person, and that’s why I have always liked to do videos showing exactly what each app does. That’s why I have decided to record a video to show everyone six very different apps I have created that are used for targeting speech one way or another. Each one has a different purpose and while one can be beneficial to one speech pathologist in California, another may be more useful to someone in Texas. Not all apps are made equal, not in purpose or quality.

If you are looking for articulation, phonology or apraxia apps you will want to watch this video before braving the app store. I have developed all the apps I present on this video, and I can personally assure the quality of the apps I create. All six apps presented on this video are compatible with the Therapy Report Center and that alone is a reason for you to take a look at them.


I hope you will find this 30 minutes video useful:

Here is a list of the apps discussed on this video:

1. Sunny Articulation & Phonology Test

2. Articulate it

3. Articulation Scenes

4. Apraxia Ville

5. Minimal Pairs Academy

6. R Intensive


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