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Calling all app developers: A request from

public request to app developers

This is a public request to all app developers: most importantly educational, games, utility, and medical app developers. I have been invited to provide in-services to several institutions ( US and international based institutions) and I need to update my list of apps. I love trying new apps and staying in touch with what’s out there. But as you know apps get released EVERYDAY! So, it s getting expensive to purchase all these apps.I am requesting that app developers send me codes of their apps. If you want to send in extra code it is up to you (don’t feel pressured)… I would use the extra code to give away on the presentations.

I am willing to play with as many apps as possible to possibly add them to my list of apps on the presentations, and if I think you got a really good app, a review will be posted on this blog. As you can see, I try to review as many apps as possible to share with the world what is out there.

If you are not familiar with my blog, this is one of the resources to several speech therapists, parents of children with special needs and teachers. My blog has been viewed over 50 thousand times the last year, and I have given presentations all over the country to speech therapists, IT students, and teachers. Just a summary so you know you that you would be using your limited 50 codes wisely. πŸ˜‰


I love games! I believe games are a great way to teach… gamers! Send in your codes.

If you have codes, just send them to


Thanks a LOT for the effort you put in creating apps that make a difference.

GeekSLP ( AKA Barbara Fernandes)

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You don’t seem to have any apps for adult treatment/diagnosis. Are you interested inexpanding to that age range? I had some ideas for apps aimed more towards adult diagnosis/treatment of aphasia, dysarthria, dementia, and TBI. Feel free to email me directly. πŸ™‚

Haopy Speech and Hearing Month!

I’m really interested in your ideas for adults… can you please email me some information on what you had in mind? (

Hi Jamie,

I work in an Inpatient Acute Rehab setting and use my ipad everyday – I’d like to share ideas. Please e-mail me.


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