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From the Asha convention to the ER in San Diego

asha convention san diego

Attending the Asha convention, being able to meet the awesome SLPs who read my blog, presenting on the topics I love and sharing the apps I have developed with others is the experience I look forward to ALL year. As always, my life is an adventure and this time is no different!  I wanted to write this blog post for two reasons:

    1. To get it off of my chest
    2. To thank everyone for their amazing support

Hard to decide how to start, but I had to write before being able to do anything or decide anything. I have been having a blast at the convention, until 2:00pm when I reached for my wallet on the floor and that was the start of an adventure that led me to the ER(what else can I call it?). My left leg was in severe pain, and since 2 pm I have not been able to move it without feeling a severe sharp pain. Between 2:00 pm and 5 pm, I stayed at the Smarty Ears booth hoping “ I will feel better in just a minute”.

Since 4:00 pm, I started worrying “ will I feel better enough in 30 minutes to attend the Tweet up?”. The time came and instead I had to start worrying about “how am I gonna get to my hotel when this is over?”  I CANNOT WALK!

My new friend Jerry Butana @jgb9530 , went to search for a wheelchair and instead here comes first aid care. Now, here I am rolling around the convention center on a wheelchair to the first aid room. In there, they decide I need an ambulance to be taken to the ER since I could not move my leg… some speculate I dislocated my leg, some speculate I strained it, and so on. I am now just starting to panic over: “ how am I going to present tomorrow?”.The ambulance arrives and after 20 minutes we arrive at the ER. Now is the moment when I say, “ what am I doing here?”. Lots of people waiting, and then I hear someone saying “ I have been here since 2:00pm”, and someone else say “ I have been waiting to be seen for the last 6 hours!”. Wow!  At that moment, I did not know if I panicked or if I felt sorry for those people. But one thing for sure I thought, “what kind of pathetic healthcare system is this!?” In the mean time, ( when I thought “ I will be ok soon”), I twitted about my status and oh boy! Did I just love my  #slpeeps even more? Yes! What a great energy I received. Did I cry reading all the tweets? Yes! I did. Can I ever thank you #slpeeps enough? No. (see below)

After hearing “ we have been here for 6 hours” I started rationalizing “ ok, I need to finish up my presentations, and I need to rest for tomorrow”. But how am I gonna walk? I called my hotel, and asked if they had a wheelchair; as soon as they said yes I decided it was time to call a cab and get out of the ER. I know, crazy huh?

I arrived at the hotel, got a wheelchair and here I am, sharing my #asha11 day 2 with you guys before I can even focus on anything else.

I am not sure what exactly I will do to appear at my presentations tomorrow, but after hearing how so many people came and are staying until Saturday  “just because of my presentation”, I HAVE TO BE THERE. Even if it means I will be renting a wheelchair tomorrow. Now, if you are attending the Asha convention and reading this before my presentation, come show your support by attending it. 😉

Now, how I will pack, close down my booth, or get to the airport is something I will have to think about… but only tomorrow when I am hoping I will wake up and miraculously my leg will be better.  Is there an app for that?





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Oh my goodness Barbara! Good luck today!!! Or should I say, “Break a leg”?!?! Seriously though, best of luck! I know you’ll knock them off their feet too!

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