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Geek SLP TV: Special CASLPA Spring Newsletter Video on Articulation Apps


On the upcoming Spring Newsletter of the Canadian Speech and Language Pathologists Association ( CASLPA) – pronounce like /castle/+ /pa/; I will have one article published called: The New Era of Articulation Therapy. I will make sure you post it here once I get the ok from CASLPA.



While very disappointed at my own professional organization (ASHA) for their lack of a coherent action and response plan regarding their own policies; I have come to love the engagement of the Canadian association with their members and non-members (still my case). However, I have come to appreciate this organization so much that I will attempt to become an international member of CASLPA.

For now, I will share the special edition of Geek SLP TV I recorded for the CASLPA Spring 2011 newsletter using my new toy: ” A koday ESI 1080 Flip Camera” . I have edited this video also using a new software: Camtasia for Mac.


I would like to Thank CASLPA for the opportunity to get to know them more and understand a little better the power of a professional organization.

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I am impressed with your and website. I work with middle school age students, ages. 11-14, and am mainly interested in apps for affricates, fricatives and generalization. Thanks so much. I learned about your site from Sean Sweeney.

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