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GeekSLP TV #34: iPad mini for Special Education & Speech Therapy


Since the release of the iPad mini, I have been asked a lot about the usefulness of the iPad mini ( at a cheaper price range) as a tool for special education and speech therapy service delivery.

I ordered myself an iPad mini just because, as an app developer, I needed to test my apps on this device. Despite being very skeptical about it prior to receiving the mini at home, when I put my hands on one, I decided it would become my go-to personal device.

The iPad mini is not only small but lighter and thiner than the regular size iPads, which makes it ideal to me. If you own and iPad 3, you know how heavy it can be to to hold it for a couple hours. The iPad mini fits on the palm of my hand, and when I use it to type emails it just fits perfectly.

One other factor that makes the iPad my favorite device, is the fact that it is so small I could start taking a smaller purse everywhere now!

But enough f talking about my personal preferences. I recorded a whole video talking about my thoughts regarding the use of the iPad mini for special education and as a therapy tool. Just watch the GeekSLPp TV #34 below:

I hope you enjoy using your mini as much as I enjoy using mine.

Happy mini!










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