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Ideas for promoting better hearing and speech month

Ideas for promoting better hearing and speech month-2

Every may speech-language-pathologists celebrate the better hearing and speech month. You may not know this, but the month of may is also Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month, ALS awareness month, Celiac Awareness Months, National Guide Dog Awareness month, National Apraxia Month, and many others. In fact, Wikipedia has a list of all the observances in may and “Better Hearing and Speech” is not even listed there yet. However, it seems that if you are a speech-therapists and spend any time on social medial, you will feel like this is all everyone is talking about the entire month!
Some companies will have sales, promotions and giveaways; you may have been recognized at your workplace (hopefully), and you may even have shared materials about speech and hearing on your Facebook wall. Let’s use this month to celebrate ourselves and to bring awareness to friends and family around us. Here are some ideas to promote this month.

  1. Contact Wikipedia and have them add “Better Hearing and Speech Month” to their list. Here is a link:
  2. Share quick to read info about various communication disorders with your friends on Facebook. We always underestimate the power of a quick read. I have many friends in denial about their child’s language skills, and it is always a touchy subject to give advice when you are not asked. While it may sound a bit passive aggressive, it may make friends and colleagues more aware of a communication disorder that must be addressed or at least evaluated.
  3. Send happy, positive notes to SLP friends and co-workers reminding them why they are to be celebrated this month. We all have been through periods within our professional when we don’t feel very connected with the difference we are making in the lives of so many people with communication disorders. We never know which ones of our colleagues or friends are the the middle of a carrier crisis. So, send them that special note.
  4. Give a presentation to parents or teachers around your school district. I know this is not an easy task to accomplish and it may require weeks of planning and preparation. When I worked at a pre-school, our counselor already had a a monthly parent presentation, so we agreed to have me do the presentation in the month of may. I love talking to parents! While it may be late for this year, you can already start the conversation to have it added to next year’s calendar.
  5. Send cards and notes to parents with tips to help promote speech, language and communication at home.

My son, Victor is currently receiving speech-therapy services, and even though he only probably had one session, I sent her a BHSM card with an Smarty Ears SLP button and a free app. If you are a parent looking for ideas on how to honor your SLP, just send them a thank you card. I would love to have received one!

Happy better Hearing and Speech Month 2017 to you!



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