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Presenting at Florida State University

Problem Solving in the 21st.001-001

I am very sorry everyone! I have not been able to write a single post in the last two weeks! Live is just crazy over here. April was a very busy month: Wrote an article for the ASHA schools division, wrote an article for the Canadian Association, article published on the S&L Magazine, presented at the Maryland Speech and Hearing conference, presented at an award cerimony in Fort Worth ( I was one of the finalists on a innovation award!!!). I hope to get back on my GeekSLP feet soon.

For now, this is just a quick post to make an announcement on my up-coming presentations: I will be presenting at Florida State University in two days. April 20th for the communication department.

There will be three presentations:

  1. Using apps to deliver engaging articulation therapy (for Speech Therapists)
  2. App development from a GeekSLP point of view ( for IT students)
  3. TechSolving: Using technology to solve problems in the 21st century. ( To communication, speech therapy & IT students)

I have created a video on the “Techsolving” presentation, and I will post a link here in just a few days.

I hope you are all enjoying your April month… if you are in Florida: I will see you there!

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Hi Barbara,
I love everything you are doing w ith ipad apps in therapy and I have decided to incorporate this tool into my treatment toolbag. The provlem is I’m not tech savvy (I have the basic skills down, but not much more) so I’m not sure where to begin and what’s best to add. I treat adult mTBI pts on a large military installation. I address mostly executive function deficits, such as attention/memory deficits, word finding skills, language processing and abstract reasoning and problem solving skills. I was wondering if you give any training seminars or workshops that I could attend. Any info you can offer me witll be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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