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Smarty Ears Online Now Available

Speech and language academy is now available geekSLP Barbara fernandes-2

I have been cocooned for the best part of 2021, developing and improving my latest and best product I have created in a decade ( Only second to the Articulation Assessment Toolkit for iPad) . I have finally developed a web based product for my fellow speech-language pathologists: The speech and language academy. The speech and language academy is the result of 14 years of my work with Smarty Ears. As a speech-language pathologist who loves apple products I created al my sixty apps to work on apple products such as the iPad and the iPhone. However, the pandemic and latest trends showed me that therapists were struggling in two main areas:

  1. My apps were only for apple products
  2. There are 60 of them!

While both of these facts seem WONDERFUL, they also have a couple issues which I am attempting to solve. The first one being that SLPs could not use my apps on a computer or on a Google devices, which have become so popular in the last few years. Plus, accessing data in separate apps is a hassle too, especially if you are a super Smarty Ears fan.

That’s why I created Speech and Language Academy. The process was painful. I had to let go of developer more than any other project. The combination of a brand new platform ( web based) with the massive undertaking was incredibly stressful as well. We started the project from scratch three times! I cried many times.

The end result is however, incredible! The product has been on the market now with hundreds of therapists already using it. We are still in the process of adding more games from all the smarty ears apps, but our goal is for this to be an ongoing project anyways. Once we run out of Smarty Ears apps, we will create new ones on the platform.

We are still offering ten days trial, for anyone who wants without the need for a credit card information. That’s how much we believe on this product.

Here is a video tutorial I recorded that give you an overview of Speech and Language Academy:

You can get a 10 days free trial to Speech and Language Academy by visiting the home page at

I hope you enjoy your trial, I am looking forward to hearing any feedback you may have for me and our team!

Barbara Fernandes, M.S CCC-SLP

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