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The winners of the Accessories for learning giveaway are…

Accessories Giveaway

Yesterday it was the day for announcing the winners of the “Accessories for learning giveaway”. Since I knew several of the people who entered the giveaway, I felt bias to either give or not give to the people I knew. So, I devices to let the folks from my Facebook page select a number from the document with all the names of the participants. We had over 200 entries for this giveaway!

Participants had to answer a few questions, and since I had such great entries I thought about sharing the best ones with you guys! ( I loved hearing people say that they loved an app I had developed).

Question: Have you ever used the iPad for therapy?

It’s new, so not yet. Looking forward to using it in tx.” Elizabeth Stiles Beirne

I LOVE the disfluency counter app.  In some cases, I can give the parent a severity rating on the spot!  I would love more ways to make data collection with stuttering easier.  I use the Sunny Artic Test.  It is a great way to do a recheck when it is too soon to repeat a standardized test, and it’s great for adults.  I used it the other day with a 59 year old stroke.  I use lots of games with kids.  Many times I can find games that work on a language concept –like “African Animals,” which shows animals in profile, and you can make them walk or run or jump or more.  I have a 3 year old who is working on verbs.  I’ll get plastic versions of these animals, have her match the ones on the screen, then we will make the plastic animals do the same action.  Great for concrete to symbolic, a pre-requisite concept for reading.  Then we will work on pronouns, by designating whether the elephant is a girl, the giraffe is a boy, and so on, and have a tea party with the animals.  “Does HE want more tea?”. Then we will use “Toca Tea Party,” where again, we go from concrete to symbolic, and she gets to make choices, answer “wh” questions and such.  I used “Devolve Me” with an 11 year old stuttering client the other day, and he absolutely loved it!  I find that I can use apps with every age, and I have treated from age 2 to 102.

Ouse my iPad 1 and iPad 2 in therapy extensively.  I found the Geek SLP app last spring and have found it to be very informative and helpful.  Barbara is responsive to any issues with her apps and has helped me correct problems in a timely manner.  I love the articulation apps where more than one student can use the iPad at a time and the data is there for me to review through the course of the quarter or year.  Some of the language apps are q little more labor into save because they are not set up for multiple users, i.e., groups.  My students love interactive stories and tend to retain more details about the story.  ” Susi Kennedy.

I just started using the ipad in summer school with some elementary children with autism.  I have one student that hates to use pencils, or any type of writing tools, to work on letters and his name.  I used the ipad and had him write his letters and name and it was a huge success!  I also used artculate it with another student and I love the fact that the program keeps the data for me.  I am REALLY excited to start the school year and use the iPad in therapy.” Melissa Grandsart

The ipad and I are inseparable in tx.  Not only do I use smarty speech apps but I have recently used the camera feature to help one of my clients create pictures that we used to start conversations.” Cara Cilento

Great! So, here is how it went: I asked “Facebook likers” to select a number and I announced the winners one by one. Now, here is the catch: winners have to “claim” their prize on my page within 24 hours of the announcement. That is why I asked them to join my page when they signed up. Here is the report on the live event: 1. First prize goes to… 2. Second prize goes to…

3. Third prize goes to…

4. The winner of the fourth prize is…

5. Prize #5…

6. Last prize…

Only two of the 6 winners have claimed their prizes so far…The others have 24 hours to do so on the GeekSLP Facebook Page.

Here are the two winner who have claimed their prizes:

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hello. I am interested in the use of the iPad for an adult patient whose family just purchases one for her. Please refer me to learning web sites so as I can assist her in it’s use. This is my first introduction to using it for one of my patient’s with a neurological disorder. Thanks

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